Friday, 16 January 2015

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Because 2015 are going to be a development 12 months for Turkish economy. Turkish government shall make a plan within 30-billion TL conversion

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While business world described 2015 whilst the first rung on the ladder of development, Turkish government takes steps within
30-billion TL transformation package. The federal government will introduce economy that is new, that will support work
and manufacturing, enhance earnings degree and provide retired people to get more shares from nationwide income, to Turkey’s
Grand Nationwide Assembly.

Economy ministers 2015 agenda includes 4 per cent economic development target, conclusion of mega tasks, privatization
and brand new incentives for manufacturing and investment topics. New Turkey will need radical steps in other areas of
economy. In 2015, Turkey can make 390 billion TL investments in private and general public sectors. About 300 billion TL of
these assets is likely to be made by favor of private sector. Steps taken by federal government for giving support to the development are:

Suitable funding possibilities is made for increasing manufacturing and exports. Politics for supporting personal
sector will be maintained.

Conditions of financing and credits for merchants, craftsmen and businesses that are small be improved. Tax, work and
other obligations may be decreased.

Competitive sectors is determined in service area. Precautions supporting these sectors is going to be taken. Complete of
The construction business service shall be increased to $50 billion.

By developing the entrepreneurship, smaller businesses are going to be supported. Communication and information technology will
be more implemented.

Urbanization eyesight at higher criteria wealth that is indicating development is retained. With urban change
Project recovery that is providing 200 sectors, the urban centers are liveable

Respected Turkish Economists predict that Their economy will grow by 3.5 % in 2015.”

Respected Economists said that Turkey’s dependability to foreign currency is continuing. Developments in Turkish
Economy shall be defined in synchronous with developments in international nation in 2015.

Economists additionally indicated that low oil prices are great for Turkish economy. “Cheaper oil means inflation that is low
shrinking in present account deficit in Turkey. So, Turkey can handle its account that is current deficit this,” he said.

Economists evaluated development styles of Turkish economy. “We predict that Turkish economy will grow by 3.5 per cent in
2015. Last year’s development resulted from consumption and money that is easy. For lots more sustainable growth, Turkey must
Follow growth that is export-oriented once more. Cheaper energy rates will support this policy,” he said.

According to the data of Turkish Central Bank, Turkey’s short term outstanding external debt reached to $134.2 billion
in October. These international debts are affected by interest hike associated with the U.S.A. Fragility in economy outcomes from
Turkish firms especially banks harder funding it self. This might be reflected in the economy as reduced investment, high
inflation prices and low economic activity. However, there is no slowdown danger on international capital flow,” They say.